We offer Johns Hopkins researchers the opportunity to publicly share their data via JHU Data Archive after their research project has ended. 

The JHU Data Archive: 

  • Offers free archiving for projects under 1TB 
  • Accepts data from any research discipline and file format 
  • Provides each dataset with a permanent citation and DOI, facilitating both attribution for authors and linkage to research publications  
  • Preserves research data through regularly checking file integrity and retaining multiple copies 

If you are considering archiving and sharing data for a grant project, please contact JHU Data Services before submitting the proposal. We can help you consider all options for data repositories, including the JHU Data Archive.  Your archiving choices can be included in the proposal’s Data Management Plan, which we also can help you prepare.  

For more information, read about our consulting services or contact us at dataservices@jhu.edu. 

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