Certain external providers of sensitive or proprietary data may require agreements to use their materials in a locked facility on computers with no internet or network access. The Restricted Data Room on the A-Level of Milton S. Eisenhower Library addresses this need, and is a means for researchers (faculty and graduate students), who do not have private offices and/or computing to store, acquire and use restricted-use data.  

Contact JHU Data Services if your project data requires restricted access. We can assist with reviewing the application process for obtaining data, setting up accounts on required software, and obtaining card-swipe access. 

Reserving the Restricted Data Room

The room can only be used by one researcher at a time. We maintain a scheduling page for reserving time in the Restricted Data Room. Individual reservations are limited to one day, for a maximum of four days per booking. Multiple bookings may be created, but in deference to other users of the space, please do not reserve large blocks of time unless you will be actively using the room during the reserved time period.

In order to ensure equitable use of the space, reservations are subject to review, modification, and cancellation if they are preventing or limiting use of the space by other users. In the event that you have a long-running analysis that will require days or weeks of computational time, please contact dataservices@jhu.edu directly so that we may facilitate your analysis while respecting other users.

If you have not requested access to the Restricted Data Room, please do not attempt to reserve the room, as you will be physically unable to enter the room until access has been granted. To request access to the Restricted Data Room, contact dataservices@jhu.edu.