Regardless of the discipline or methods used, it is likely that researchers will use some sort of spreadsheet application (e.g. Excel, GoogleSheets) to investigate, manipulate, or share research data. Though spreadsheets are easy to exchange with other researchers, difficulties can arise if sharing and preservation are not adequately considered. Join JHU Data Services for our online training course, “Effectively Managing and Sharing Research Data in Spreadsheets”. We will cover spreadsheet practices that can: 

  1. Increase the possibility and ease with which spreadsheet research data contained in spreadsheets can be re-used by others (and you) in the future.
  2. Help reduce the chance of error when using spreadsheets for data acquisition.


  • Introduction (7 mins lecture and 1 min demo)
  • Prior to Data Collection (7 mins lecture)
  • Track Versions and Provenance (5 mins lecture and 15 mins demos)
  • Data Quality Control (10 mins lecture and 9 mins demos)
  • Documenting Data, Values, and Variables (9 mins lecture and 14 mins demos)
  • Data Sharing for Spreadsheets (9 mins lecture and 6 mins demos)
  • Using Other People’s Spreadsheet Data (8 mins lecture and 35 mins demos)
  • Resources (4 mins lecture and 53 mins demos)


  • Install Office 2016 (1 min)
  • View Version History in GoogleSheets, JHBox, OneDrive and Dropbox (2 mins)
  • Excel Add-in: Spreadsheet Inquire (13 mins)
  • Data Validation in Excel and GoogleSheets (3.5 mins)
  • Excel Add-in: Pivot Table (5.5 mins)
  • Excel Add-in: Colectica (9 mins)
  • OntoMaton in GoogleSheets (5 mins)
  • Use Open Refine to Clean Up Data (21.5 mins)

These materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercialShareAlike 4.0 International Licenseattributable to Data Services, Johns Hopkins University.