Many funders require Data Management and/or Sharing Plans for grant proposals. Developing a competitive plan requires understanding and effectively addressing the many aspects of research data management and sharing that funders and reviewers emphasize (e.g., plans for research data security, sharing, and documentation). This training is divided into 8 modules, each addressing a particular subtopic (e.g., documentation). You can view the modules in whichever order you like, and you are not required to view any one module prior to anotheralthough the Introduction module is a great place to start. We recommend that you use the DMPTool while writing your Plan, so it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with it as you view the various modules in this training. 

This training contains 8 modules, 55 – 75 minutes in total, depending on how many optional sections you explore. This training is delivered through Blackboard, except the DMPTool one. You can access the DMPTool module without logging in to Blackboard. 

  • To access the DMPTool module, click here.
  • To access the rest of the modules in Preparing Data Management Plans training, please follow the instruction below.

To access each module, click one of the links below. Make sure that you log in the Blackboard and enroll the course before you click the link. Follow the instruction above to learn how to do so.

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