The Data Services unit is not able to consult on data analysis at this time. However, we do partner and work with other individuals and units throughout Johns Hopkins who can help you with analyzing your data and understanding your findings. If you are unsure who to contact, email with a detailed explanation of your needs.  

Statistics for Social Sciences and Behavioral Data

For help in designing and implementing statistical analyses of social and behavioral data, set up an appointment with Bryce Corrigan, Senior Statistician and Lecturer at the SNF Agora Institute. Professor Corrigan is available to consult on topics such as: experimental or observational designs for empirical inquiry, deciding upon an analysis and software, and figuring out how much data you will need. He can also help with various aspects of working with the data and software. His consulting and course offerings cover common methodologies such as: multi-level, panel or longitudinal models, treatment effects estimation, examining residuals and handling non-linearity, and making predictions that effectively convey your substantive findings.


The Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center offers walk-in clinic hours for Johns Hopkins School of Public Health graduate students for help on designing a study, organizing your data, statistical analysis approaches, and interpreting your analyses in statistical software such as SAS, STATA and R. For more information, review their full range of services.