Data-related resources organized by JHU Data Services to guide you through your research from the beginning to the end. The following topics are included in this Resources page:

Plan Research Projects

Writing a research proposal

  • JHU grant support services
  • Manage and organize literature

Data Management Plan (DMP)

  • How to write a DMP
  • Funder’s requirements
  • JHU policies

Data Management Planning

Webcast of ICTR Data Managers Interest Group panel by David Fearon, Robert Lawrence Findling, Todd Nesson, Joan Pettit, David R. Thiemann, Gayle Walters


A web-based tool that help researchers write DMPs. JHU users can log in here. Data Services provide FREE assistance in developing data management and sharing plans in either case and for ALL funding agencies. You can send completed DMPs to for feedback.

Reviewer Guide for DMPs

A user-friendly page of tables and checklists that can be used to quickly evaluate data management plans. More information about the worksheet can be found here.

Research Design

  • Resources for Designing Experiments
  • Access Existing Datasets
  • Human Subject Research

GIS and Mapping

Guide to Popular Data Sources

Including Baltimore & Maryland, Business Location, Demographic & Consumer Spending, Foreign Countries, Topographic and Geologic, and Nautical Charts.

Guide to Electronic and Print Maps

Data Management and Analysis

Data Organization via File Naming

Interactive online tutorial about using file names to organize research data

Curating and Archiving Research Software

Interactive HTML toolbox for data management specialists

Open Science Framework

A free and open source web application built by the Center for Open Science to aid researchers in managing the entire scientific research workflow. Learn more in this FAQs page.

Guide to Resources for Data Management

  • Collaboration tools
  • Security and Backup
  • Documentation
  • Clinical Data Management

Guide to Data Analysis Resources

  • Help with Statistics
  • Big Data
  • Software Development

Selecting a Data Repository

Tips and set of questions researchers can use in determining whether a particular research data repository will work for their circumstances.

Metadata for Effective Research Data Management

What is metadata, and what does it have to with research data? Find here a description of metadata for research data management and ten questions/guidelines you can use in developing comprehensive metadata for your project.

Data Sharing and Reproducible Research

Research Data Documentation Workbook

A downloadable speadsheet tool to help organize and document a research project, its digital files, and derivative sets of files such as data associated with a publication or shared online.

De-identify Human Subjects Data

De-identifying Human Subjects Data for Sharing Online Module

With researchers increasingly encouraged or required to share their data, preparing to share datasets with confidential identifiers of people and organizations is particularly challenging. Join JHU Data  Services for an overview of types of identifiers and how to determine if your data have disclosure risk. You will also learn available JHU resources to help you with de-identifying data.

De-identification Applications

A list of de-identification software tools and applications that researchers can use in de-identifying their research data for more public sharing.

Guide to Protecting Identifiers in Human Subjects Data

  • Introduction to disclosure analysis and protection of personal and health identifiers in research data. This guide includes basic concepts and primary techniques focusing on preparing data for sharing with collaborators, repositories, or for public access.
  • Downloadable guide for protecting and removing personal identifiers of research subjects for data sharing (downloadable guide).

Data Access and Discovery

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

Data Fund Purchase Request

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