Do you need a particular dataset to conduct your research? Is there a dataset that would be useful to your department or research group? Apply for a JH Libraries Data Grant and, contingent on eligibility and availability, you will receive access to the data you need.

Researcher Eligibility

You must be a Johns Hopkins affiliated faculty, student, or staff actively conducting research.

Dataset Eligibility

  • Only data that can be licensed campus-wide will be considered.
  • The library strongly prefers to acquire data that is accessible online over physical media such as a DVD. This ensures the data is accessible to all Hopkins affiliates, regardless of physical location.
  • The Data Grant only supports one-time purchases of data. If data requires a subscription model, the Data Grant will cover the cost of the subscription for one year.
  • The Data Grant will not support the purchase of restricted data.

Selection Criteria

Award number and amounts will vary depending on the need and availability of funds. Selections are based on data cost, availability of funds, and perceived usefulness of the dataset for Johns Hopkins at large.

Terms and Conditions

Successfully funded applicants to the JH Libraries Data Grant Program are required to give a short brown-bag style presentation about how they used their acquired data. By submitting a Data Grant application, applicants consent to these requirements.

How to Apply

The 2024 grant cycle will be announced soon.