Planning for good data management at the beginning of your research can facilitate data sharing at the end of a research project. Many funders, including NIH and NSF, request a data management (and/or sharing) plan with a grant proposal. Data management plans should address how data will be managed, disseminated, and preserved over the course of a research project. We offer consults, online training, and guidance to help you plan for data management.


Email with a description of what you are working on, and we will set up a personalized one-on-one virtual consultation to help you.

We help with

Data Management (and Sharing) Plans

Do you need to draft a Data Management (and Sharing) Plan for your grant proposal? We recommend using the DMPTool, a free, web-based editor, to help you efficiently write your plan. The DMPTool contains funder-specific data management plan templates, as well as JHU-specific information on topics such as data management policies, resources, and individuals at JHU who may be able to help. Sign in under “JHU” and use this Quick Start Guide to get started. We encourage you to send us a draft of your plan through the “Request Feedback” feature within the DMPTool for a quick review (responses usually provided within a business day).

Choosing a Data Repository

Does your funder require you to choose a data repository to share your data and write it into your data management (and sharing) plan? Data Services provides guidance and consults on selecting a proper data repository for your research data. In addition, we operate our institutional data repository, Johns Hopkins Research Data Repository (JHRDR). It is an open-access and generalist repository for JHU researchers to share their data. We also provide boilerplate languages for your DMP if you choose to share data on JHRDR.   


Data Services offers a number of webinars for learning data management planning each semester. Webinars are offered on topics such as Best Practices for Data Management and Sharing, Writing an NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan and Writing a DMP with DMPTool.

Best Practices for Data Management and Sharing

An overview of best practices for data management including backup procedures, tips on effective file names, data security and access controls, and data documentation/metadata.

Writing an NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan

Do you plan to apply for NIH grants on/after January 25, 2023? Join Johns Hopkins Data Services to learn how to write a Data Management and Sharing Plan for your NIH proposals.

Writing Data Management Plans with DMPTool

This one-hour workshop will show how the free, online  DMPTool can help you write your data management plan.


Visit our Data Management and Sharing Guide to learn how to properly manage and share your data so your research can be organized and reproducible. Check out our tips for Using File Naming to Organize Research Files. Use our Documenting Your Research Data self-paced training and guide to help you create documentation for different types of data and code.

Services we do not cover

  • Draft a Data Management (and Sharing) Plan
  • Budget for data management and sharing activities