A picture is worth a thousand words. A well designed data visualization provides a clear and engaging means of showing patterns and relationships in your data. Effective data visualizations make your research more engaging. JHU Data Services is here to help you at any stage of the data visualization process. We offer a number of ways to engage with us about data visualization:


Email dataservices@jhu.edu with a description of what you are working on, and we will set up a personalized one-on-one virtual consultation to help you.

We help with


Do you need help designing a data visualization? Do you have a data visualization you would like feedback on? Schedule a consultation with dataservices@jhu.edu and we will assist you!

Lightbulb with angle brackets inside, indicating programming.


Are you trying to create a data visualization in a specific software? Do you know what you would like to visualize, but need help understanding how to do it in your software?

We are experts in creating data visualizations in R and Python, but we can always provide guidance, even if we are not an expert on a specific tool.


Data Services offers a number of hands-on webinars for learning data visualization each semester. Webinars are offered on topics such as how to design an effective data visualization, data visualization in R and Python, and learning how to critically examine data visualizations. Visit our event calendar to see upcoming webinars.

Frequently offered webinars include:

Introduction to Data Visualization in R
Introduction to Visualization in Python
Designing Effective Data Visualizations
Interactive Data Visualization in R with Shiny
Data Visualization in R with ggplot2


Visit our Data Visualization Libguide to learn about the process of planning a data visualization, design best practices for creating an effective data visualization, and tools and resources for learning more about data visualization.

Services we do not cover

We do not design and create data visualizations as a service, although we can assist and guide you through the process.