Love Data Week 2023: Data as an Agent of Change

February 13, 2023 – February 17, 2023

Love Data Week is an international celebration of data hosted by the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). The purpose of Love Data Week is to raise awareness and build a community around research data.

This year’s theme is Data as an Agent of Change. Love Data Week 2023 is about inspiring our community to use data to bring about changes that matter. This year, we are focused on helping new and seasoned data users find data training and other resources that can help move the needle on the issues they care about.

JHU Data Services will be hosting a number of workshops and presentations along this theme. Come learn a new skill, or learn what data resources are available to you at JHU!

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JHU Love Data Week 2023 Events

  • Monday

    Big Data without Big Headaches: Using SciServer in Research and Education

    Monday, February 12, 2023 | 2-4pm
    Virtual – Register Here

    Do you use big scientific data in your research or teaching? Learn how to use the SciServer online science platform to search through, visualize, and analyze Petabytes of data quickly and easily. Bring the analysis to the data to run quick, effortless cross-comparisons among our many available public datasets – or even your own data. Visualize data, explore patterns, and fit models with powerful computational tools in Python, R, Matlab, or Julia. Share your data and analysis scripts with colleagues and students. Create demos and assign homework exercises for introductory through graduate courses using SciServer’s educational tools. In this workshop, we will show you how to do all this and more with hands-on experience using the tools of SciServer ( Register today!

  • Tuesday

    Designing Effective Data Visualizations

    Tuesday, February 14, 2023 | 12-2pm
    Virtual – Register Here

    Do you want to make your data visualizations more impactful? It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words; a well-designed data visualization is essential in concisely and clearly communicating complex ideas to your audience. Join JHU Data Services in this workshop session, where we’ll cover design principles and recommended practices for creating effective data visualizations.

  • Wednesday

    Data Management and Sharing Support

    Wednesday, February 15, 2023 | 12-1pm
    Virtual – Register Here

    Many funders ask researchers to write a data management (and sharing) plan while submitting a grant proposal. How do these requirements affect you as a researcher? Why is it important to write a data management plan? Where can you share research data? Most importantly, what resources are available at Johns Hopkins to help you comply with these data sharing policies? Join JHU Data Services to learn more about how what kinds of support we can offer to help you comply with these policies.

    Web Mapping: An Introduction to ArcGIS using ArcGIS Online

    Wednesday, February 15, 2023 | 2-3:30pm
    Virtual – Register Here

    Attendees will learn how to search, find, and share geographic content using Johns Hopkins ArcGIS Online Organization account. This JHU Data Services class will provide the fundamental skills necessary to create, design, and share web maps using the latest Map Viewer.

  • Thursday

    Protecting Human Subject Data Privacy: an Introduction

    Thursday, February 16, 2023 | 12-1pm
    Virtual – Register Here

    Protecting research participant and patients’ privacy is challenging not just for security, but also when anonymizing data for external collaborators, publications, and research databases. Join JHU Data Services for an overview of common privacy disclosure risks from personal and health identifiers in data. We discuss how to comply with IRB and HIPAA guidance for data security within the research team and introduce techniques for de-identifying data for external collaborators and public databases. You may preview session topics in our online module and guide.

    ChatGPT, AI, and the Future of Higher Education

    The Inaugural Data-Intensive Social Science Speaker Series

    Thursday, February 16, 2023 | 2-3:30pm
    Virtual – Learn More and Register

    Join us for a provocative panel discussion as we discuss how ChatGPT and AI is shaping the future of higher education. What is ChatGPT, how does it work, and is it revolutionary, or an existential threat to higher education? Join us as we explore these questions and more from the perspectives of leading AI experts, professors, and creatives in this virtual panel event.

    » Jenna Frye, Faculty, Center for Leadership Education, Johns Hopkins University

    » Jared Kaplan, Co-founder, Anthropic; Associate Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University

    » Tom Lippincott, Director of Digital Humanities and Assistant Research Professor, Johns Hopkins University

    » Christian Terwiesch, Andrew M. Heller Professor at the Wharton School; Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions; Professor of Health Policy, Perelman School of Medicine; Co-Director, Mack Institute of Innovation Management

  • Friday

    Data Cleaning in OpenRefine

    Friday, February 17, 2023 | 1-4pm
    Virtual – Register Here

    Do you work with data in spreadsheets? This JHU Data Services workshop will teach you how to clean and standardize your tabular data efficiently and reproducibly using OpenRefine. OpenRefine is a free, open-source tool with a graphical user interface (GUI) to clean and organize data – no coding required! The bulk of this 2.5-hour workshop will be a hands-on tutorial cleaning a dataset in OpenRefine.

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