R and Python are two of the most popular programming languages for data science. Our consultations and trainings for these languages intersect with our other focus areas; in addition to getting started in either language and troubleshooting your code, we can help you learn how to effectively manage your data, implement and follow recommended practices for reproducible research, and visualize your data.


Email dataservices@jhu.edu with a description of what you are working on, and we will set up a personalized one-on-one virtual consultation to help you.

We help with

Troubleshooting and Reviewing Code

Puzzling over an error message or warning generated by your code?  Want feedback on your code?  Contact dataservices@jhu.edu to get help!

Webinars and Self-Paced Learning

Data Services offers a number of hands-on webinars on R and Python each semester. Our trainings range from introductory programming concepts for the beginner, to intermediate concepts in both languages for those looking to improve their skills. Visit our event calendar to see upcoming webinars.

Frequently Offered Webinars Include:

Beginner-friendly Topics
  • Coding Fundamentals

  • Intro to R for Absolute Beginners

  • Intro to Python for Absolute Beginners

Intermediate Topics in R (familiarity with R recommended)
  • Data Cleaning in R

  • Manipulating and Joining Data in R with dplyr

  • Introduction to Data Visualization in R

  • Data Visualization in R with ggplot2

  • Interactive Data Visualization in R with Shiny

Intermediate Topics in Python (familiarity with Python recommended)
  • Data Wrangling in Python: Introduction to the pandas library

  • Introduction to Data Visualization in Python


Visit our Using R and Python Libguide to learn more about learning and using these two languages and our Data Visualization Libguide for more tutorials and resources on Data Visualization in R and Python.

Services we do not cover

  • Write analytic code for researchers
  • Suggest or review statistical analysis for a study