What is a DOI?

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are unique and permanent identifiers that provide a persistent link to a digital object. While you’ve likely seen them used for peer-reviewed publications, they can be used for any digital object such as data sets, code, and pre-prints. For example, if you click this DOI, https://doi.org/10.7281/T1/VDZAZY), it will resolve to a data set in our Johns Hopkins Research Data Repository. If this data set were to move to another repository, the same DOI will resolve to the new location.

Why get a DOI?

Because of the uniqueness (i.e., no two objects have the same DOI) and permanence (i.e.,the DOI is associated with that digital object forever), having a DOI assigned to your research products makes it easy for others to cite and find your work.

DOI Services

Data Services provides Digital Object Identifier (DOI) services for JHU affiliates. Data sets deposited in the Johns Hopkins Research Data Repository have always and will continue to automatically receive DOIs. This service addresses DOI needs outside of deposits to the Johns Hopkins Research Data Repository. Researchers and groups can request DOI services in one of three service options described belowData Services maintains our paid membership in DataCite and provides DOI services through that membership.    

All three service options below require the following: 

  • a mandatory consultation session with a data management consultant on best practices for DOIs; 
  • the completion of a DOI service agreement form, which stipulates that the responsible party must agree to maintain the data and the DataCite record associated with the DOI.  

The fee structure supports the costs of maintaining DataCite membership, the costs associated with creating DOIs, and costs associated with long-term administrative monitoring. The pricing listed is for the current fiscal year and is subject to change in future fiscal years. Each service option includes two prices, one for affiliates from data management services (DMS) participating divisions and another for affiliates from parts of the university not currently participating in data management services. Please read Who We Work With to see our list of participating divisions. Pricing has been developed with cost recovery and service sustainability in mind and is subject to change in the future.    

Email dataservices@jhu.edu to request DOI services. After receiving a completed agreement form and metadata spreadsheet, we will fulfill your request within one business week.   


  • Individual DOI: $150 (participant DMS funding)/$500 (non-participant DMS funding) Researchers may receive one DOI, one time. A data management consultant will create the DOI.   
  • Bulk pricing for 10 DOIs: $850 (participant DMS funding)/$4,250 (non-participant DMS funding) Researchers can purchase a batch of DOIs created by a data management consultant in batches of ten. DOIs services purchased in bulk must be used by the end of the current fiscal year.   
  • Dedicated account for researcher or research group: $1,300 per year (participant DMS funding)/$3,000 per year (non-participant DMS funding) A researcher or research group receives their own account for the ongoing creation of DOI. This dedicated account with its own password includes an administrative module, listing in the DataCite Directory, and access to support and documentation from DataCite. It allows the creation of an unlimited number of DOIs and use of the DataCite API.