Joshua VogelsteinAssociate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, with joint appointments in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Neuroscience, and Biostatistics. Our research focuses primarily on the intersection of natural and artificial intelligence. We develop and apply high-dimensional nonlinear machine learning methods to biomedical big data science challenges. We have published about 200 papers in prominent scientific and engineering venues, with >12,000 citations and an h-index >45. Our group is one of the few in the world that regularly publishes in both top scientific (e.g., Nature, Science, Cell, PNAS, eLife) and top artificial intelligence (e.g., JMLR, Neurips, ICML) venues. We have received funding from the Transformative Research Award from NIH, the NSF CAREER award, Microsoft Research, and many other government, for-profit and nonprofit organizations. I have advised over 60 trainees, and taught about 200 students in my eight years as faculty. In addition to my academic work, I co-founded Global Domain Partners, a quantitative hedge fund that was acquired by Mosaic Investment Partners in 2012, and software startup Gigantum, which was acquired by nVidia in early 2022. I live in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed with my beloved eternal wife and our three children.