This session helps make your research more efficient and impactful by presenting best practices for creating understandable, reproducible, reusable, and citable software and scripts. Additional topics include intellectual property considerations and ensuring long-term accessibility of code.

Contains 6 sub-modules, 22 mins in total

  • Learn about best practices for writing, documenting (Documentation), and organizing code (Organization & Automation),
  • Understand the benefits of using version control (Version Control & Quality Assurance),
  • Learn about how code can be linked to research results and why (Context & Credit),
  • Understand why it is important to make your code publishable and citable and how to do so (Context & Credit),
  • Learn about intellectual property issues (Licensing),
  • Learn about how and why your software can be preserved over time (Archiving).

These materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercialShareAlike 4.0 International Licenseattributable to Data Services, Johns Hopkins University.