In-Person Workshops

  • Introduction to ArcGIS Desktop using ArcGIS Pro

    This 3-hour workshop will introduce students to ArcGIS, the most widely used geographic information systems (GIS) software. Learn the basics of ArcGIS using the latest desktop application, ArcGIS Pro. Students will leave being able to comfortably work with spatial data, by way of creating maps and managing the ArcGIS Pro interface. If your research calls for making maps or using a geographic information system to analyze data, then this class is for you.

  • Finding and Importing Geospatial Data

    This 2-hour workshop will explore sources of maps and data. Participants will practice downloading data from internet sources and library subscription databases such as the Census Bureau and Social Explorer. You will learn how to import the data into ArcGIS.

  • Web Mapping

    Attendees will learn how to search, find, and share geographic content using Johns Hopkins ArcGIS Online Organization account. This class will provide the fundamental skills necessary to create, design, and share web maps, as well as use some of the various geoprocessing tools currently offered via the online application.

  • Story Maps

    Maps have always been a way to tell stories about people, places, and their interaction on the surface of the earth. In this session we you?ll learn to use Story Maps, an ArcGIS Online application, to bring your research story alive. In this hands-on session, you?ll integrate maps, text, scanned documents and videos. You’ll have the opportunity to share your resulting Story Map with any group or individual you choose or keep it to yourself for later work.

  • Geocoding and Joining data using ArcGIS

    Prerequisite: Introduction to ArcGIS Pro or basic ArcGIS Pro knowledge. Learn the steps required for successful joining of data and geocoding along with tips and suggestions for preparing data for use with ArcGIS. Common file formats will be discussed, (e.g. Excel, dBase, Access), along with text files and data with x, y coordinates. We’ll explore street files available from the library along with optional interfaces for the geocoding process.

  • Georeferencing Scanned Maps for Use in Your GIS Project

    Scanned images of early maps and aerial photography often provide an ideal historical backdrop upon which to overlaying contemporary geospatial data. You will be amazed at how georeferenced maps can be used to identify changes in both the physical and cultural landscape. In this class, we will introduce georeferencing and walk through the steps and decisions one makes throughout the process. You will also learn how to upload and share your final georeferenced maps to ArcGIS Online. This is a hands-on session where you will make use of the library’s extensive collection of local scanned map images. We’ll also bring in authoritative GIS data layers from Baltimore City and our Maryland State government.

Past Workshops

Contact us to request a past workshop.

  • Open Tools for GIS and Mapping

    This workshop will introduce participants: to basic terms and concepts of open source, open data; open access; several open tools for GIS and mapping work; and resources for learning more about each tool. Tools covered include: QGIS, Carto, Open Street Map, R, and Leaflet.