In-Person Workshops (currently offer as Live Webinars)

  • Coding Fundamentals

    Are you interested in learning how to code but don’t know where to start? Learning to code can be a daunting task if you have no background in computer science or related fields. Join JHU Data Services for this workshop to learn about coding terminology and concepts, and to jump start your journey into coding. We will provide troubleshooting tips and resources for further learning. If you plan to take any other coding workshops/courses and have no prior knowledge, then this workshop is the one for you 

  • Introduction to R for Absolute Beginners

    R is an open source software for statistical computing and graphics. Join JHU Data Services for this Introduction to R” workshop. This is for people who want to learn this data analysis tool but have little or no experience in any programming languages. The first half of this 3-hour workshop will focus on some basic concepts of coding and the second half will have several hands-on activities to learn basic R skills, such as installing R packages, importing and exploring data. Some troubleshooting tips and R resources will be provided at the end of this workshop.   

  • Introduction to Python for Absolute Beginners

    Python is a popular programming language that is used for data management and analysis, web development, software development, machine learning and artificial intelligence.  Although we will not be going quite that deep in this introductionthis JHU Data Services workshop will provide users with the fundamentals necessary to get started using Python. This workshop is heavily hands-on and will have users feeling comfortable coding and confident enough to leap from beginner to intermediate and beyond in no time. Students should expect to:  instruct the computer to accomplish tasks, use variables to contain content, learn new Python vocabulary, write and run calculations, and conduct overall data analysis/manipulation using Python’s base functionality. 

  • An Overview of IDEs for Python

    Integrated development environments (IDEs) are a useful and often critical component in a programmer’s workflow. Join JHU Data Services in this one-hour session, which will introduce IDEs — what they are and why one might use them, and end with demonstrating several popular IDEs for Python programming. We’ll cover a range of options and features, from simple text editors to debuggers and plug-ins, to help you determine what may work best for you and why. This workshop is open to Python programmers of all levels.